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Dry-Side Tanker


Water Hauling Workhorse. 


To transfer a lot of water – but with options – the Pierce Dry-Side Tanker is what you need. It has the durability and performance synonymous with the Pierce Pumper and can carry from 1500 to 4000 gallons of water. Its corrosion-resistant poly tank is protected with superior finished aluminum side sheets that aid in mounting equipment. 

The Dry-Side Tanker can carry ladders or equipment on both sides, has numerous compartments that can handle up to 500 lbs of equipment and contains storage space for much needed hose lines. 

Pierce uses multiple rear axle locations for optimal weight distribution and the tank’s flat sides help prevent rollovers. In addition, the water tank poly baffling system that Pierce installs inside the tanks help provide a superior ride.


Body Features


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Independent Pump Module

Isolated from the body to reduce stress and highly customizable with a wide variety of pumps and pump house sizes to choose from

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Body Compartments

Formed sheet metal and welded body construction; select from various door styles, trays, shelves, brackets and tool boards to efficiently store and access firefighting equipment

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Optimal Axle Locations For Weight Distribution

Based on water tank capacity, Pierce will locate the axles for optimal ride quality

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Side & Rear Dump Valves

Air actuated with extendable chute, making it much easier to use

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Swing Down Folding Tank Storage

Carry up to 500 lb of ladders or equipment on both sides of the tanker

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High-Strength Pump House Frame

In addition to less wear and tear, the pump house frame prevents valve control rods from binding, keeps perfect alignment on the controls and prevents sagging

Tanker Options

Equipment Storage:
Folding tank storage capacities up to 3500 gallons
Multiple ladder and hard suction hose storage options available
Fender storage options for air bottles, fire extinguishers & SCBA 

Available Rear Dumps:
10” square
8”, 10” or 12” round 

Available Side Dumps:
10" square
8” or 10” round

Pump House:
Side control or top mount pump operator positions
Unlimited plumbing options



Chassis Choices

Available on all Pierce custom & commercial

Pump Range

PUC, Waterous, Hale, Darley Midship (500-2250 gpm) PTO (250-1000 gpm)

Water Tank Capacity

1500-4000 gallons

Usable Compartment Depth

26” lower

Compartment Weight Ratings

500 lb

Body Width


Body Material

Aluminum, stainless steel & galvanized

Options Showcase

West Windsor Fire Department - Tanker

West Windsor Fire Department - Tanker

Delivery Date: January 31, 2018
Job Number: 31478
Sales Organization: Minuteman Fire and Rescue Apparatus Inc.

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