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Webisode: "The Reunion"

During the build process, Selden Fire Department watched the progress on their truck with photo updates. They are excited to see their hard work and planning and planning pay off in person. This webisode feels more like a reunion than a final inspection.


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Meet the department and follow a customer's truck.

 Grants Pass  

Grants Pass Fire - Rescue // Grants Pass, OR >>


Chief: Joe Henner | 29 Active Members | Truck: Velocity™ 100' Platform

Back Story:

When Grants Pass Fire - Rescue wanted the safest and most reliable aerial platform on the market; they were not concerned about the distance to the Pierce plant. See how Grants Pass used a teleconference option to make only a final inspection trip to the Wisconsin plant. 

Selden: Before  

Selden Fire Department // Selden, NY >> 


Chief: Tony Ryan | 30 Active Members | Truck: 1996 Lance® 100' Aerial Platform

Back Story:

Selden has a Pierce® Aerial Platform that still has plenty of life left in it, but a lot has changed in fire apparatus since 1996. Selden decided to utilize the Pierce Regional Service Facility for a complete refurbishment to keep their Pierce on the streets for years to come.

Miami Beach Fire Department  

Miami Beach Fire Department // Miami Beach, FL >>


Chief: Eric Yuhr (25 years) | 210 Active Members | Truck: Velocity™ PUC™ Pumper

Back Story:

Miami Beach is in need of a new pumper.  They need a truck that will navigate the narrow streets of Miami Beach and respond to a variety of calls in this tourist hot spot.  See how Mike Schneider helps them through the process of designing their perfect pumper.

Boulder Patch  

Boulder Fire - Rescue // Boulder, CO >>


Chief Larry Donner (20 years of service) | 112 Active members | Truck:  Arrow XT™ Pumper

Back Story:

Boulder needed a new pumper with a short wheelbase for easier maneuverability. Check out how Front Range Fire Apparatus
and Pierce responded.   

Bellevue Chief


Bellevue Fire Department // Bellevue, PA >>


Type: Combination | Chief Glenn W Pritchard (26 years of service) | Truck: 100' Mid Mount Aerial Ladder

back story

When Bellevue began looking to replace their current aerial ladder truck, they had height restrictions to consider. See how they worked with Pierce to solve this challenge.


The process behind the story.



Detailed spec review

Each part of your spec is reviewed before we start building.

  • Review every component with a team of Pierce engineers and sales experts.
  • Go out on the floor to find your components on existing orders.
  • Get new ideas from existing customer trucks.
  • Talk to the welders and craftsmen who will be working on your truck.


Mid construction review

This visit gets you climbing around your midway constructed truck.

  • See progress on your truck.
  • Make changes based on new requirements.
  • Talk to manufacturing professionals to see how they will handle the next steps.
  • Discover new ways to mount equipment and arrange compartments by talking to sales experts and engineers.


Final inspection

Final Inspection: your previous visits have ensured you see exactly what you drafted on paper.

  • Review every component on your requirement list.
  • Test your apparatus to make sure it can stand up to your demands.
  • Train on areas of the truck that might be new or different for your department.