Selden Fire Department



Meet Selden Fire Department

Selden Fire Department has been working with Firematic for over 45 years.  Since 1998 Selden has purchased seven Pierce® trucks. This project is a little different. They brought their 1996 Lance® 100' Aerial Platform to the Pierce Regional Service Facility for a complete refurbishment. After Ray Muller performed magnetic testing on the chassis they knew the apparatus had plenty of life left in it, but some upgrades were necessary. The refurbishment is a more cost effective solution and will add 10-15 years of useful service to their apparatus.

The Community

Selden Fire District covers the hamlet of Selden; and parts of Centereach, Coram, and Port Jefferson station. The 7.4 square miles they cover includes six schools and the Suffolk Community College.

Meet The Sales Rep: Ray Muller,
Firematic Supply Company, INC

Ray Muller  

"I have been employed by Firematic since 1996 starting as a mechanic, then a road technician, and eventually a service manager. In 2010 I began selling trucks. I have been through the Pierce training and learned the in and outs of manufacturing the trucks from the ground up."





There are going to be upgrades all around the Selden truck. The Selden team makes sure that Pierce understands their vision before they leave their 1996 Lance in their hands. When the truck is back on the road it will be fully equipped to continue its service - both in emergency response and as a moving monument to a fallen firefighter.



WEBISODE 2: "Steady Progress"
Mid-Construction Visit

With a project this large, Selden Fire Department wants to make sure that everything is on the right track. They are very pleased with the progress shown at the mid-construction visit, and it only adds to the excitement of what the final product will look like.


Webisode 3: "The Reunion"
Final Inspection Visit

During the build process, Selden Fire Department watched the progress on their truck with photo updates. They are excited to see their hard work and planning pay off in person. This webisode feels more like a reunion than a final inspection.