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Tax-Exempt Financing

A tax-exempt municipal lease is an effective and popular vehicle for municipal fire departments fire districts, and volunteer fire departments to acquire Pierce apparatus. This financing tool provides qualified municipal entities and volunteer fire departments with one of the lowest cost financing alternatives available in the market today. Because the interest income from this financing alternative is exempt from federal taxes, we pass this along to you in the form of a lower payment. Never has acquiring the finest apparatus in the industry been so affordable and easy.

With our tax-exempt lease package comes many benefits and solutions. Some of these benefits include:

  • No down payment or security deposit requirements.
  • You won't incur "debt" as this financing is based on an annual appropriation of funds.
  • Tax-exempt leasing is typically not subject to debt limitations or voter approval requirements in most state constitutions or otherwise provided by statute.
  • Cost effective financing for the acquisition of Pierce Apparatus over time rather than depleting existing cash reserves.
  • Simple documentation requirements. Our team of experts will take you through each step of the process.
  • Lower payments so you can acquire the apparatus you need now.
  • Customized and flexible repayment plans to conform to your unique situation.
  • You gain equity with each payment. At the end of the financing term, you own the apparatus for a nominal amount of $1.00.

Don't think you can afford the finest fire fighting apparatus in the world? Think again! Call your Pierce Representative or Oshkosh Capital to discuss how our tax-exempt financing plans can assist you in acquiring the equipment you need today.

For your Oshkosh Capital representative, call 1-800-820-9041 or e-mail us at robert.vandernoot@oshkoshcapital.com.



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