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Rescue Pumpers

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Rescue Pumpers

Nobody offers more designs and flexibility than Pierce when it comes to designing a pumper for your specific needs.  Pierce® Rescue Pumpers have bodies that are made of a formed and welded construction for durable, long lasting design without the unnecessary weight.


Yes. We build our own foam systems.

Pierce® Foam Systems

Pierce is the only manufacturer that designs and builds fire apparatus with their own proprietary foam systems. That's integration. 




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Rescue Pumper

  • Each pumper is designed/engineered specifically to the customer's needs.
  • Bodies are made of a formed and welded construction for durable, long lasting design without the unnecessary weight.
  • Exclusive Pierce under-slung steel body supports feature a 3 point-isolated-mount system that reduces torsional stress and road shock from being transmitted into the body. The under-slung design prevents compartment floors from sagging after years of use.

More Features

  • Tow bar rated at 20,000 lb. as standard. Located at the rear of the tailboard. Accessible without crawling under the truck. The unique design can also serve as a tie off point to stabilize loads without worry of chaffing rope.
  • There is increased storage space with the use of full-depth compartments the entire height of the compartment.



  • Available on all Pierce custom chassis (Velocity™, Impel™, Quantum®, Arrow XT™ and Saber®)
  • Available on most commercial chassis (Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Mack, Navistar)


  • Waterous, Hale or Darley Midship (500 to 2000 gpm) and PTO (250 to 1000 gpm) pumps available


  • Color coded every 3” / harnesses loom-protected


  • 500-1000 gallons
  • Polypropylene tank with a lifetime warranty


  • Up to 280 cubic ft.
  • Heavy Duty: 435 cubic ft. with hatch


  • 800 lb.


  • 26" upper
  • 26" lower


  • 96"
  • Optional 101" (Heavy Duty)


  • Aluminum standard, stainless steel and Galvanneal steel optional


  • 10 years


  • 10 years

* See your Pierce representative for details.

Popular Options

  • Air bottle compartments with stainless steel doors in the fender panel. Rubber mats are included to protect bottles from scuffing.
  • Aluminum pegboards for tool mounting on back wall of compartment(s)
  • Shelving and trays
  • Aluminum hosebed covers with a steel substructure to withstand the weight of multiple firefighters
  • Tool boards
  • Direct rear tank fills up to 4" diameter
  • Underbody cribbing compartments
  • Pierce hydraulic ladder rack that places the ladders at chest height, which is the best position for removing. Compartment space will not need to be sacrificed due to its unique "end actuator design"
  • Hatch compartments located on top provide additional storage options

Pump Options

  • Waterous, Hale or Darley Midship (500 to 2000 gpm) & PTO (250 to 1000 gpm) pumps available
  • Exclusive Pierce Husky® foam systems available
  • Exclusive Pierce Hercules™ Compressed-air foam systems available
  • Exclusive Control Zone™ organized pump panels for the pump operator available
  • Virtually unlimited plumbing options & configurations available
  • Top-mount or side control
  • Black vinyl-covered pump panels that reduce glare for the operator are standard. Stainless steel panels are available.
  • Removable pump panels provide access to the pump for maintenance


  • Two (2) body lengths available
  • Numerous ladder storage options available


Exclusive Pierce® Foam Systems

Pierce engineers and manufactures its own integrated foam systems capable of fighting with both Class A and Class B foam. Pierce® Foam Systems are the high performing, easy, economical and safe way to fight fires.

Husky™ 12

One-button operation, fully automatic, true Class A and B foam system, the Husky™ 12 is full force, Pierce fire suppression.

Husky™ 3

Boasting many of the same unmatched standards of the Husky™ 12 injection system, Husky™ 3 is the only entry-level foam system available with Class A and Class B capabilities.

Husky™ Industrial

An automatic balance pressure system with available foam pump sizes that support water flows of 1000 gpm @ 6% through 5000 gpm @ 6% with foam pumps of 60, 160 and 300 gpm capacity. The Husky industrial foam system is designed to deliver and industrial level of performance that is unsurpassed.

Hercules™ CAFS

The Hercules™ Compressed Air Foam System controls fires faster, reduces water use, and lightens handlines with better exposure protection. It will work well with Class A or Class B agents.

Husky™ 30

An automatic balance pressure system, excellent for light industrial hazards and transportation hazards. Handles 1% of 3000 gpm water flows and 3% of 1000 gpm water flows. Individual metering valves for foam discharge allow for selection of water or foam when needed. Usable with both Class A and Class B foams.