Pumper Tanker


Pumper Tanker



Water transport plus firefighting. 

Pumper Tanker

When your department requires an all-purpose vehicle to perform the dual roles of water transport and on-the-spot firefighting, Pierce brings you a variety of options. Holes and options are pre-fit prior to the paint process on every custom tanker. So the integrity of the painted surface is never compromised.

Yes. We build our own foam systems.

Pierce® Foam Systems

Pierce is the only manufacturer that designs and builds fire apparatus with their own proprietary foam systems. That's integration.



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Pumper Tanker

  • Exclusive Pierce under-slung steel body supports featuring three-point isolated-mount system. This reduces torsional stress and road shock from being transmitted into the body. The under-slung design prevents compartment floors from sagging after years of use.
  • Pierce Husky™ and Hercules™ systems are available.
  • Each tank is custom designed to accommodate the fire departments water, foam, and equipment storage needs.

More Features 

  • Corrosion-free, lightweight, lifetime warranty polypropylene tank
  • Designed to carry a larger supply of hose
  • Full complement of compartments
  • Midship (500 to 2250 gpm) & PTO (250 to 1000 gpm) pumps available
  • PUC pump available
  • Virtually unlimited plumbing options & configurations available
  • Galvanneal steel, stainless steel, high-strength aluminum
  • Integral catwalk and hard suction hoses
  • Pumper style compartment storage
  • Rear Dumps 8", 10", & 12" Round Dumps (10" square) available
  • Manual, pneumatic, and electric valves available and controllable in the cab
  • Side Dumps 8" or 10" Round available
  • Manual, pneumatic, and electric extension chutes available and controllable in the cab
  • Jet assist available 



  • Available on all Pierce custom chassis (Velocity™, Impel™, Quantum®, Arrow XT™, and Saber®) 
  • Available on most commercial chassis (Peterbilt, Freightliner, Kenworth, Mack, International)


  • Waterous, Hale or Darley Midship (500 to 2250 gpm) and PTO (250 to 1000 gpm) pumps available
  • PUC pump available


  • 2000-3000 gallons


  • 500 lb.


  • 12" upper
  • 26" lower


  • 96"


  • 10 years


  • Up to 12 years

* See your Pierce representative for details.

Exclusive Pierce® Foam Systems

Pierce engineers and manufactures its own integrated foam systems capable of fighting with both Class A and Class B foam. Pierce® Foam Systems are the high performing, easy-to-use, economical and safe way to fight fires.

Husky™ 12

One-button operation, fully automatic, true Class A and B foam system, the Husky™ 12 is full force, Pierce fire suppression.

Husky™ 3

Boasting many of the same unmatched standards of the Husky™ 12 injection system, Husky 3 is the only entry-level foam system available with Class A and Class B capabilities.

Husky™ Industrial

An automatic balance pressure system with available foam pump sizes that support water flows of 1000 gpm @ 6% through 5000 gpm @ 6% with foam pumps of 60, 160 and 300 gpm capacity. The Husky industrial foam system is designed to deliver and industrial level of performance that is unsurpassed.

Hercules™ CAFS

The Hercules™ Compressed Air Foam System controls fires faster, reduces water use, and lightens handlines with better exposure protection. It will work well with Class A or Class B agents.

Husky™ 30

An automatic balance pressure system, excellent for light industrial hazards and transportation hazards. Handles 1% of 3000 gpm water flows and 3% of 1000 gpm water flows. Individual metering valves for foam discharge allow for selection of water or foam when needed. Usable with both Class A and Class B foams.