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When Ladder Maneuverability Is Pivotal.


When maximum maneuverability is crucial, the Pierce® Heavy Duty or Medium Duty Tiller swivels to turn tight and get you to the scene easily. The ease of maneuvering starts before you even get behind the wheel. Doors contoured into the tiller cab give you greater clearance for entering and exiting. The distinctive Pierce windshield maximizes visibility in the front; we’ve removed the A-pillar for greater visibility. For a smoother ride, better handling and increased stopping power, TAK-4® independent suspension comes standard on the rear trailer. 


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Gary Metzbower, Deputy Chief from the City of Baltimore Fire Department, explains how their Tiller withstands some of the roughest streets around and why the truck was engineered to have a maximum height of 128”.  

Jacksonville Fire and Rescue - Aerial

Delivery Date: November 29, 2018
Job Number: 32553
Sales Organization: Ten-8 Fire Equipment, Inc.

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