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Commercial Wildland


Carry More Water To More Remote Locations. 



Type 3
Designed to answer the urgent call in a more complex scene, Pierce® Wildland Type 3 is equipped with PTO pumps that flow up to 1000 gpm, along with the capacity to carry a 5-person crew. These vehicles also boast all-wheel drive and a shorter wheelbase to promote maneuverability off-road and on challenging narrow roadways. 

A Patrol truck is a highly maneuverable, quick attack piece of equipment. It packs a punch with a foam system and up to 400 gallons of water, has great tool storage capacity in a compact body, yet is very easy to drive and operate. No CDL driver's license is required, and the separate engine driven pumping system allows for turn-key operation.



Here is an inside look at a Pierce Rapid Intervention Vehicle built for the United States Air Force.

San Diego Fire Department - Pumper

Delivery Date: October 1, 2018
Job Number: 32280
Sales Organization: South Coast Fire Equipment, Inc.

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