The Firefighters' Notebook

The Firefighters’ Notebook is a unique portal into the lives of members of the fire service and those who have benefited from their support. We hope you appreciate these tales of heroism, humility, compassion and humor, and gain a new perspective on the lives of firefighters, those who are called to service and the lives they touch.

We want to share these stories because even the smallest acts of service may touch us for just one moment in time but can significantly impact the lives of many for years to come.

All types of stories are featured and welcomed—behind-the-scenes perspectives, real-life events, intriguing calls to service and kudos for a job well done.

There’s an inspiring story for everyone!

We invite you to read and share these stories to shine a light on acts of service and goodwill throughout our neighborhoods and communities. We encourage you to submit your story or nominate someone who has impacted your life or inspired you.