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High-Quality Corrosion Resistance.


Corrosion has always been a concern for the entire fire industry within certain regions. The increased popularity of liquid de-icing agents along with traditional road salts has increased the risk of chassis related corrosion. To combat corrosion, Pierce Manufacturing is the first and only fire apparatus manufacturer to incorporate an electrophoretic coating (E-coat) process into our custom apparatus. 

Pierce chose E-Coat because of its versatility and durability. E-coating is used extensively in the automotive and military vehicle industries. Leveraging the strength of Oshkosh, Pierce offers the same economical and superior product performance to our customers. 



Uniform Coating
E-coating allows the frame rails to be painted job color or any color the customer chooses with a uniform finish free of sags, runs or drips. 

E-coating offers a uniform coating (1 - 2 mils or .001 - .002 inches) with an equal layer across the length of the product with the ability to coat inside small, confined areas.

Environmentally Friendly
E-coat has lower volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) than any spray application. E-coat contains zero hazardous air pollutants (HAPS). 


1.    Prep
An eleven step process preparing the material for E-coating

2.    Coat
400 volts DC are applied while the part is submerged in the coating solution 

3.    Rinse
Ultra-filters with a prefilter are utilized during the rinse process to constantly guard against contaminates, remove solids from the post rinses and achieve paint transfer efficiency of 95% or higher

4.    Cure
At a minimum of 350°F, the part is baked to ensure the crosslink of polymers and allow the coating to flow out and become smooth and continuous



Oshkosh Finishing Services features one of the largest electrocoating (E-Coat) facilities in the nation. The Oshkosh E-Coat immersion process provides coverage of complex parts and a uniform thickness without runs or drips. E-Coat delivers a superior corrosion and chemical resistance, while maintaining a high-quality, resilient surface for paint of any color or finish.

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