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Care Initiative

Care Initiative Graphic on the exterior window of a Pierce Fire Truck.

Protection is an action that goes beyond the fire and the truck.



What is CARE? (Carcinogen Awareness & Reduction to Exposure)

A partnership between Pierce Manufacturing and the Firefighter Cancer Support Network. The program is designed to raise awareness about how damaging carcinogens are to firefighters. Taking precautions can lessen chances of being diagnosed with cancer in the future. 

What is clean cab?

A clean cab contains options that reduce firefighters' exposure to carcinogens. Not only does it apply to the cab interior, but also to other options on the exterior. There are numerous options to consider when designing an apparatus.


What Pierce is doing:

  • Sustaining the partnership with the Fire Cancer Support Network
  • Decontamination buckets provided on 1,500 apparatus
  • 250+ sales reps nationwide trained by members of the Florida Firefighter Safety & Health Collaborative on “Clean Cab Initiatives”
  • Continually adding apparatus options to keep firefighters safe

What the Firefighter Cancer Support Network is doing:

  • Providing assistance to firefighters who have been diagnosed with cancer
  • Offering mentoring support by cancer survivors in the fire industry
  • Providing occupational cancer awareness and prevention training to thousands of firefighters across the nation
  • Connecting to local resources

Minimizing Exposure Risk

Stay Clean and Safe

Keeping contaminants out of the cab creates a safer environment for firefighters. There are a variety of options that make it easier to disinfect the cab. 
There are two main objectives that departments look to obtain with their clean cab environment:
  • Choosing surfaces that are easy to clean
  • Keeping the air clean

This can be achieved through options such as:

  • Aluminum treadplate floor
  • LonSeal flooring
  • Vinyl interior
  • Painted surfaces
  • HVAC filtration
  • Cabinet vents and fans

Consider Moving SCBAs Out of the Cab

A fundamental element of the CARE initiative is reducing carcinogen exposure.

Removing SCBA brackets from the cab decreases the amount of carcinogens in the cab, and there are numerous options to consider for storage:

  • Fender compartments 
  • Tilt-out trays 
  • Compartments behind the cab, saving room in the body
  • Pull-out tool boards
  • EMS compartments accessible from the exterior only

Storage options are also available for keeping dirty gear out of the cab. Options continue to evolve as departments get creative with apparatus compartmentation, which range from hatch to transverse compartments and pullout trays. 


It all Starts at the Scene

At fire scenes, firefighters are exposed to harmful chemicals, ranging from vehicle exhaust to carcinogens from the fire. 

Choosing a vertical exhaust moves the exhaust farther away from the firefighter. Each vertical exhaust system is engineered based on the truck specifications. 




Quickly Clean Your Gear

Departments can choose apparatus options that allow them to clean their gear and themselves at the scene.

A variety of options are available such as: 

  • Water rinse outlets
  • Shower head outlets
  • Garden hose outlets

Use Command Zone™ System to Maintain Your Vehicle

The Command Zone Advanced Electronics System can be programmed for filter changes and clean cab/compartment reminders. This adds another layer of protection that allows for ease of maintenance and piece of mind that the vehicle will continue to run at an optimal level.