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Care Initiative

Protection is an action CARE by Pierce

Protection is an action that goes beyond the fire and the truck.


CARE (Carcinogen Awareness & Reduction to Exposure) is a pioneering partnership between Pierce Manufacturing and the Firefighter Cancer Support Network. We are arming employees, industry volunteers, departments and communities with immediate resources to protect firefighters and their families from carcinogen exposure.


What Pierce is doing:

  • Sustaining partnership with the Fire Cancer Support Network.
  • Decon bucket provided on 1,500 apparatus.
  • 250+ sales reps nationwide trained by members of the Florida Firefighter Safety & Health Collaborative on “Clean Cab Initiatives”. 
  • Cleanable apparatus seats and interior surfaces, exhaust options, decon outlets, high-impact HVAC filtration and custom add-ons like decon showerheads reduce exposure to soot, exhaust particles and other carcinogens.

What the Firefighter Cancer Support Network is doing:

  • Providing assistance to help firefighters who have been diagnosed with cancer.
  • Offering mentoring support by cancer survivors in the fire industry.
  • Providing occupational cancer awareness and prevention training to thousands of firefighters across the nation.
  • Connecting to local resources.


Pierce Carcinogen Awareness CARE bucket

What YOU can do:

  • Advocate for your department.
  • Create decon standard operating guidelines.
  • Share your bucket with another department. Protection can be as simple as a clean change of clothes.

Minimizing Exposure Risk

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Brighter, smoother, and easier to clean cab interior surfaces.
Easily cleanable seat surfaces.
High-impact HVAC filtration for reduced particle circulation.
Warm water rinse station.