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Hercules™ CAFS

Pierce Hercules CAFS Fire Truck Foam System control panel for a Pierce Fire Truck

5X More Effective Than Using Water Alone.



Water has high surface tension. Hercules™ CAFS, in contrast, offers a low surface tension, allowing it to spread quickly, cover more area and cling to the fuel source longer, giving the foam agent the ability to penetrate and cool material faster than water alone.

For a quicker and safer knockdown, with less exposure to heat for firefighters, consider Pierce Hercules CAFS. Hercules adds compressed air to your Husky™ foam system and provides better control of the foam bubble structures, allowing firefighters to gain control of fires faster, reduce water usage and lighten handlines while offering better exposure protection.

Our Hercules CAFS system perfectly complements any of our Husky foam systems. Concerned about space? All the controls easily fit on any pump panel for easy and organized operation.

Pierce Hercules CAFS foam sprayed on a door with low surface tension

A firefighter spraying Pierce Hercules CAFS foam from a nozzle


Hercules CAFS Systems

  140 200
CFM (cubic feet / minute) 140 @ 125 psi 200 @ 125 psi
Wet Handlines (1¾”)* 3 4
Wet Handlines (2½” with 1³/8” tip or bigger) 1 1
Dry Handlines (1¾”)** 2 3
Dry Handlines (2½” with 1³/8” tip or bigger) 1 1
Drive Hydraulic PTO
*Wet Handlines consist of 2 parts water, 1 part air (minimum of 90 gpm at 45 cfm)
**Dry Handlines consist of 1 part water, 1.5 part air (maximum of 40 gpm at 60 cfm)

Hercules Self-Contained CAFS Systems

 System Capacity Usable Firefighting Product
30 gallons 600 gallons
60 gallons 1,200 gallons
70 gallons 1,400 gallons


Hercules CAFS System

  • Easy to use. Turn on the compressor, select a line with CAFS, adjust your discharge to “wet, medium or dry,” & you’re good to go.
  • Dependable exposure protection. Hercules CAFS systems provide an excellent, durable exposure protection when sprayed on fire adjacent structures, forming an insulated, heat reflective foam blanket.
  • Powerful CAFS compressor. With a capacity performance spec of up to 200 cfm, you’ll have more than enough air to handle your fire suppression needs.
  • With the extra air capacity from your CAFS compressor, you can use the provided auxiliary air outlet to run air tools while on scene.
  • Hercules Easy CAFS™ Electronic Valve Controller. Options offer easy to select presets for “wet, medium & dry” CAFS consistency.
  • Hercules In-Line CAFS Mixers allow you to achieve optimal CAFS consistencies with shorter hose lengths. Available for 2.0" & 2.5" outlets.

Hercules Self-Contained CAFS Systems

  • Offered in 30, 60 & 70-gallon options.
  • This pumpless, breathing air powered system can generate a maximum of 1,400 gallons of usable firefighting product at a moment’s notice.
  • The best part? The modular design of the Hercules Self-Contained system provides an array of flexible mounting options.