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Husky™ 12

Pierce Husky™ 12 Foam System control panel for a Pierce Fire Truck

Take on structure fires, wildland fires, automobile and medium class B spills.



Foam Concentrate % 0.3% 0.5% 1% 3% 6%
Husky 12 GPM (L/min) 4,000* 2,400* 1,200* 400 200
  (15,142)* (9,085)* (4,542)* (1,514) (757)


*Maximum flow depends on maximum water pump and plumbing capacities.


Pierce Husky™ 12 Fire Truck Foam and Foam Inlet.

  • Single or dual tank system
  • The Husky 12 is designed to pump any class A or class B foam, even high-viscosity, alcohol-resistant class B foams.
  • Hydraulic drive powered to avoid heavy amp draw loads on the chassis electrical system (less than 5 amp).
  • Single point, direct injection, flow based system using digital technology to indicate pump position and flow meter.
  • A 12 gpm foam pump provides capacity to handle structure, wildland and automotive fires, as well as medium class B spills.
  • The system uses patented flow meter-based technology and is highly accurate over a wide range of pressures from 75 psi to 250 psi.
  • The system is easy-to-operate, with just a one-button operation required to create foam.
  • 4.30” digital LCD screen that displays foam flow, water flow, foam percentage, foam used, water used, maintenance reminders and diagnostics. The LCD screen also allows you to adjust pre-set foam percentages, calibrations and foam tank defaults (on dual tank systems).
  • Foam percentage is easily adjustable. Class A percentages are adjustable from 0.1% to 9.9%.
  • A built in flush system, so you do not need to pick up clear water to flush the system.
  • The system is equipped with an auxiliary foam pick-up, which allows use of another foam that is not stored in the foam tank and/or continued foam operation when foam is depleted out of the tank.
  • A foam tank refill system is available to fill the foam tank(s) from the ground.



Brian Van Daalwyk, Senior Product Coordinator, Fire Suppression Systems, highlights features of the single point, direct injection Husky 12 foam system.