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Heavy-Duty Rescue Pumper

Heavy-Duty Rescue Pumper Pierce Fire Truck

Purpose built to meet equipment storage needs of fire departments. 



Designed on a 3rd generation body, the Pierce Heavy-Duty Rescue Pumper is built for departments that require large compartments that can be configured for equipment. Get up to 500 cubic feet of storage space with 800-lb of carrying capacity.

The Pierce Heavy-Duty Rescue Pumper is designed with reinforced strength. The Pierce underbody provides targeted support to the exact point heavy loads are placed. Floors are 3/16" thick with an aluminum body to increase structural integrity. 

Storage you don't have to work around. Strength you don't have to think about. 


Heavy Duty Rescue Pumper Fire Truck Drivers Side Compartments


Pierce Heavy-Duty Rescue Pumper Fire Truck Rear Drivers Side


Heavy-Duty Rescue Pumper Fire Truck Officer Side Compartmentation




Body MaterialAluminum standard, & 304L stainless optional Body Width98" standard
Compartment SpaceUp to 500 cu ft (depending on body size) Custom ChassisEnforcer™, Impel®, Velocity®
Structural Body Warranty10-yr Usable Compartment Depth26" full height


Compartment Load RatingUp to 800 lb each TankUp to 1,000 gallons / lifetime warranty

Proprietary Options

Aerial Snozzle®
Electrical Command Zone™
Husky™ Industrial
Husky™ 12
Husky™ 3
Pump PUC™
Suspension TAK-4® Independent Front Suspension
TAK-4® Independent Rear Suspension

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Delivery Date: January 5, 2023
Job Number: 36018
Sales Organization: Atlantic Emergency Solutions, Inc.

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