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PACCAR MX-13 Big Block Engine

PACCAR MX-13 Big Block Engine Exclusive for Pierce Fire Trucks

The New Heart of Heavy-Duty Performance

Pierce + PACCAR MX-13



PACCAR MX-13 Product Overview


Since 1913, Pierce has been the leading global fire truck manufacturer producing highly customized, carefully designed and engineered pumpers, tankers, aerials and rescue units. 

For more than 60 years, PACCAR has engineered and produced innovative, reliable, productive and efficient heavy-duty diesel engines for customers throughout the world. PACCAR operates two technologically advanced engine research and development centers with 47 engine test cells and a powertrain dynamometer to enhance engine design and manufacturing capabilities.

PACCAR’s world-class engine facility in Columbus, Mississippi has advanced manufacturing processes that allow engines to be manufactured to extraordinarily high standards.

We are bringing together two premium brands, providing a first-class engine for custom fire apparatus. 

MX-13 Overview

The PACCAR MX-13 engine incorporates industry-leading design features that improve uptime, optimize fuel economy, reduce maintenance costs and maximize your return on investment.

Optimized Weight + Fuel Economy

  • Compacted graphite iron castings
    • 75% stronger + 20% lighter than grey iron
  • High pressure common rail fuel injection
    • Improved combustion efficiency

Outstanding Low-End Torque

  • Peak torque at 1,000 rpm

Incredibly Durable

  • Weatherproofed wiring - no cable rub
  • Fractured cap technology - high shear strength

Ultra Quiet + Ultra Smooth

  • Rear engine gear train design reduces noise
  • Maximum engine braking power over a wide range of speeds reducing the need for multiple gear shifts

PACCAR MX-13 Big Block Engine

PACCAR MX-13 Big Block Engine Fire Truck Integration



Custom Chassis

Arrow XT™, Enforcer™, Velocity®


Inline 6-cylinder

Bore x Stroke (mm)

130 x 162


12.9 liters

Dry Weight

2,600 lb

Oil System Capacity

42 U.S. quarts


510 hp

Peak Torque

1,850 lb-ft

Governed Speed

2,200 rpm

Clutch Engagement Torque

937 lb-ft @ 800 rpm


5-yr / 100,000 miles



Easily serviced with extended intervals

  • Over 900 Pierce, Peterbilt and Kenworth service centers in North America, service is available at select Pierce dealerships
  • 98% retail parts availability from Peterbilt and Kenworth
  • Easy-to-access replaceable maintenance parts

PACCAR MX-13 Engine Service From Pierce Peterbilt Kenworth