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Pierce Pumper Fire Truck

Customized. Optimized. Maximized.



In your line of work, performance matters. Details matter. At Pierce, we understand that every second on the job counts and we tailor customization to match your requirements. The Pierce pumper body has a variety of body lengths available to provide flexibility. Customers select the body that is right for them to meet the demanding needs of the truck on scene.

A pumper is one of the most important investments you, your department and your community will ever make. Let’s face it, 10 years from now, when other decisions are long forgotten, the pumper you choose needs to remain an important part of your firefighting arsenal.

The first question we ask is “what do you need?” A short body for tight turning in the city? A medium body to accommodate extra gear? A long body to haul a lot of water in the country? You specify. We deliver.

Pierce Pumper Fire Truck Pumping Water



Body MaterialAluminum standard, galvanneal, & 304L stainless optional Body Width96"
Commercial ChassisFreightliner, Kenworth / International Compartment SpaceUp to 200 cu ft (depending on configuration)
Custom ChassisEnforcer™, Impel®, Saber®, Velocity® Structural Body Warranty10-yr
Usable Compartment Depth12" upper, 26" lower


Compartment Load RatingUp to 500 lb each TankUp to 1,500 gallons / lifetime warranty

Proprietary Options

Aerial Snozzle®
Electrical Command Zone™
Husky™ Industrial
Husky™ 12
Husky™ 3
Pump PUC™
Suspension TAK-4® Independent Front Suspension
TAK-4® Independent Rear Suspension

New Deliveries

Hartford Fire & Rescue - Pumper

Hartford Fire & Rescue - Pumper

Delivery Date: September 19, 2023
Job Number: 37865
Sales Organization: Reliant Fire Apparatus, Inc.

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