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High Flow Industrial Pumper

Pierce High Flow Industrial Apparatus Pumper Fire Truck parked outside spraying water out of water pumps near three white farm silos.

Endurance tested, high flow performance.



Pierce High Flow Industrial Apparatus Pumper Fire Truck spraying water from water pumps outside on a sunny day near grass.

Reliability and Endurance

When battling large-scale industrial fires, you need unwavering performance. Pierce’s High Flow Industrial Apparatus will perform in the toughest conditions. The system design and endurance capabilities have been rigorously tested and validated through third party testing.


Supreme Performance

The Pierce High Flow Industrial Apparatus features a Darley 2ZSM water pump that delivers higher discharge flow rates and additional reach performance. The all new Husky™ 450 foam system provides expanded capabilities for the most extreme conditions.


Simplified Operation

An industrial fire is complex enough. We’ve taken the complicated industrial pump panel and simplified operation. Pierce’s exclusive valve controllers provide true valve position indication with an unprecedented level of control with just the touch of a button. Need the facts? Pierce’s new, industry revolutionizing flow meters provide accurate flow data across a broad range of flowrates.

Vehicle Features

  • Darley 2ZSM pump
    • 5,500 gpm from draft
    • 10,000+ gpm from a pressurized water source
    • Serviceable between the frame rails, reducing service & maintenance times
  • Customizable inlet configurations
    • Up to 12" available
    • Adaptable to 6" for pressurized water source applications
  • Multiple discharge outlet sizes
    • Up to 12" available
    • Foam ratio controllers through 10"
    • Accurate foam solution flow rates over 10,000 gpm from a single discharge
  • Multi-function valve controllers control both discharge valve operation & foam metering valve regulation for simplified operation
  • All valve actuators have manual overrides as standard for redundant operator control
  • Up to 14 discharges available
Pierce High Flow Industrial Pumper Fire Truck Valve Controls on the control panel.
Pierce High Flow Industrial Pumper Fire Truck Pump panel with multiple discharge outlet sizes.

Husky 450

Pierce High Flow Industrial Pumper Fire Truck with a firefighter spraying foam from the Husky 450 Foam System.

Husky 450 Foam System Features

  • Husky 450 gpm flow rate capacity, gpm (L/min):
  1% 3% 6%
  45,000* 15,000* 7,500
  (170,300)    (56,780)    (28,390)   
*Maximum flow depends on maximum water pump and plumbing capacities.
  • Operating pressures through a range of 75 psi - 250 psi.
  • The Husky foam system utilizes a non-recirculating automatic pressure system to ensure foam concentrate does not recirculate back to the foam tank while automatically balancing the foam pressure to water pressure.