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High-Reach Extendable Turret.

Advancing elevated waterway response with its compact yet capable design


Piercing ability
Pierces 12 gage steel with 5,500 lb of force 

Low-impact on truck design and configuration
On average, Snozzle pedestal only uses 25.50” of space
Fast set up with only two outriggers to deploy

Longer stand-off distance than using a handline
High attack gives even greater range

Discharge auxiliary agents in addition to water
Dry chemical and foam

Attack fires from multiple angles and make first entry with the Snozzle

Use the Snozzle as an elevated waterway 

Snozzle Camera



Custom Chassis Choices

Arrow XT™, Impel®, Quantum® or Velocity®

Boom Length

50' or 65'


360 degrees


2 A-style

Pump Range

Waterous, Hale, Darley Midship & PTO


Up to 1500 gallons

Structural Ladder Warranty

10 yr

Body Warranty

10 yr

Body Support Substructure

Pierce exclusive under­slung steel body supports features a neoprene elastomer isolated mount system

Piercing Nozzle


Learn why the City of Elizabeth, NJ chose this unique Arrow XT Pumper Tanker with a 65’ Snozzle device. The Snozzle on this apparatus can go approximately 20’ below grade, has a 250 gpm piercing tip, 1000 gpm rated nozzle, a camera that transmits back to the monitor and has the ability to discharge chemical powder.

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