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Logo Evolution

Pierce Fire Truck parked outside on a sunny day near an American flag with a close up of the front bumper logo.

Pierce has evolved over the last 100 years & so has the logo.


Auto Body Works logo from 1917.

This simple logo was first seen in the year 1917 when the company incorporated under the name Auto Body Works, Inc.  The company would continue to use the logo on documents and signage through the twenties and thirties.  "Pierce" would eventually be added above the original logo even before the company was renamed Pierce Auto Body Works in 1960.


Pierce – Autobody Works Inc logo from 1946.

This logo was displayed proudly on the 'City Plant' manufacturing building. Pierce was added above the original Auto Body Works, Inc. logo when the company started branding their product as Pierce.


Pierce Appleton Wisconsin logo from 1963.

This is the first time we see the use of the oval. The font changed to give it a fresh look. The rectangle area below the oval was used to denote utility and fire products.

1969 - Present

Pierce Manufacturing current logo with a red border.

The Pierce logo that is used today was introduced in 1969. There have been many variations of the coloring of this logo but it has always come back to this original version as the current approved logo.


Pierce Manufacturing current logo with a metal border.
In the year 2000, the chrome logo was also introduced and used in addition to the tri-color logo in Pierce promotions. This logo is an actual photo of an emblem that is a signature look on the front grille of all Pierce trucks.