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Front and Driver’s side of a Pierce BX Tanker parked outside in a parking lot.

Big on storage. Big on flexibility. Big on performance.



Tankers, also called tenders, were originally designed to be a simple water-hauler for situations in which there is no fire hydrant at a fire scene. Today, tankers are fire apparatus designed to meet the specific needs of the department they represent, carrying more equipment and ability to be frontline engines if needed. Pierce tankers are flexible enough to be configured to meet those needs of the department. 

Officer’s side of a Pierce BX Tanker parked outside in a parking lot on a sunny day.




Virtually limitless plumbing options

If it’s available on a pumper, it’s also available for a tanker. Whether it’s side control, a top mount pump house or a Husky™ foam system, we offer a huge variety of pump house configurations and arrangements to meet the ever-changing needs of every department.

Pierce PUC Pump Panel on PUC Tanker.

Storage Solutions