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Abolish Structure Fires, Wildland Fires, Automobile and Small Class B Spills.


Foam Concentrate % 0.3% 0.5% 1% 3%
Husky 3 Water Flow GPM (L/min) 1,000 600 300 100
  (3,785)* (2,271) (1,135) (379)


*Maximum flow depends on maximum water pump and plumbing capacities.


• Single tank system

• The Husky 3 is designed to pump any class A or class B foam; even high-viscosity, alcohol-resistant class B foams

• Electric/hydraulic powered; max electrical load is 55 amps

• Single point, direct injection, flow based system using digital technology to indicate pump position

• 3 gpm foam pump provides capacity to handle structure, wildland and automotive fires, as well as small class B spills

• The system uses patented flow meter-based technology and is highly accurate over a wide range of pressures from 75 psi to 250 psi

• The system is easy-to-operate, with just a one-button operation required to create foam
• Foam percentage is easily adjustable by simply pushing the increase or decrease button; the percentages are adjustable from 0.1 to 3%

• One-button priming cycles the foam pump at a fixed rate, charging the foam system with concentrate

• The system is equipped with an auxiliary foam pick-up, which allows use of a another foam that is not stored in the foam tank and/or continued foam operation when foam is depleted out of the tank

• Foam tank refill system is standard; the only system on the market to fill the foam tank from the ground as standard


Learn about the newest member of the Husky foam family, the Husky 3. 

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