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hercules™ CAFS


5X More Effective Than Using Water Alone.


Water has high surface tension. Hercules™ CAFS has a lower surface tension, allowing it to spread quickly and cover more area; it clings to the surface longer for the agent to penetrate the fuel. 

For a much quicker and safer knockdown, with less exposure to heat, consider Pierce Hercules™ CAFS. Hercules adds compressed air to the foam and provides better control of the bubble structures, allowing firefighters to gain control of fires faster, reducing water usage and lightening handlines with better exposure protection. This is especially vital when dealing with synthetic-fuel-based fires commonly found in room-and-contents situations, car interiors and rubber tires. 

The Hercules external compressor system perfectly complements, and can be added to, any of the Husky® foam systems. It neatly fits into your Control Zone™ pump panel for easy and organized operation.




Each discharge has an air injection switch.  The discharge control is used to regulate the water flow between wet and dry CAFS.

CAF Systems   140 200           
CFM 140 @ 125 psi            200 @ 125 psi
Wet Handlines (1¾ )* 3 4
Wet Handlines (2½” with 1³/8” tip or bigger) 1 1
Dry Handlines (1¾”)** 2 3
Dry Handlines (2½” with 1³/8” tip or bigger) 1 1
Drive Hydraulic PTO

*Wet Handlines consist of 2 parts water 1 part air (Minimum of 90 gpm at 45 cfm)
**Dry Handlines consist of 1 part water 1.5 part air (Maximum of 40 gpm at 60 cfm)


• Provides excellent, durable, exposure protection when sprayed on adjacent structures, forming an insulated blanket, the white color also reflects heat

• Easy-to-use, compact design

• All controls are located at the pump panel that easily fit into any pump panel

• Powerful CAFS compressor, with a minimum requirement of 200 cfm (cubic ft/minute), quiet and efficient for mobile applications

• Compressor control: Automatic pressure regulates, fixed pressure regulation, PTO engagement switch and the PTO engaged indicator lights – the operator can easily activate the compressor and adjust foam ratios in response to changing fire conditions

• Hercules pressure balance system is designed with fewer hoses to install and maintain

• Exclusive check valve system that’s integrated within the discharge valve, enhancing serviceability and reliability of the CAF discharge




Walk through the operation of the CAFS Husky Foam System. 

See our exclusive Hercules CAFS system in action.

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