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Independent Rear Suspension


Proven Technology, Front To Back.

TAK-4® Independent
Rear Suspension

TAK-4 Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) operates in a similar way as the TAK-4 IFS except IRS has the ability to drive or provide power to the wheels. Components are similar in that there are upper and lower control arms and springs. TAK-4 IRS utilizes coil springs instead of torsion springs. 

TAK-4 IRS advantages include:
•    Reduced road input into vehicle, equipment and occupants
•    Greater ride comfort
•    Better traction
•    Safer, more stable vehicle 
•    Ability to add TAK-4 T3™ to further improve control and mobility 




TAK-4® T3™ 

TAK-4 T3 with Tight Turning Technology combines the advantages of TAK-4 IRS with 100% mechanical steering system. Just like TAK-IFS, the steering system is a mechanical over hydraulic system – free of electronics – with two (2) steering gears that provide power to the steering linkage. TAK-4 T3 is available on apparatus with IRS up to 52,000 lb tandem axle rating. 

Advantages include: 
•    Improved turning radius and turning diameter
•    Increased tire life with reduced tire scrub
•    Lane-to-lane turning
•    Improved maneuverability and safety 
•    Pierce, single-source manufacturing

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