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The Pierce Ultimate Configuration.


  • The Pierce PUC™ is an industry-changing multi-purpose response vehicle. The PUC:
  • Eliminates the pumphouse, so you can build around your needs, not the pumphouse
  • Provides big pump, foam and CAFS capabilities 
  • Reduces operational steps with a two-step technology 
  • Is easier to service, disassembly not required
  • Is safer, by moving the pump operator position next to the hose connections and incorporating chest height crosslays, ladder storage and ladder access to the hosebed
  • Minimizes vehicular space used for fire suppression, maximizing space for tools and equipment 
  • Is easier to maneuver, incorporating wheelbases as short as 162”, a fold-up rear work platform and Pierce TAK-4® Independent Front Suspension and 45° cramp angle


The first modern tilt cab emergency vehicle designed specifically for the response of today’s fire services, offering the most complete single-source build, from the chassis and body, right down to the pump. 

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Electro-Magnetic Clutch

Allows for a two-step pump process; (1) Simply pull the parking break in the cab, (2) Push a switch and your pump is engaged

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Chest Height Crosslays

The lower positioning makes it easier to deploy hose

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Adjacent Pump Panel Position

Pump operator is next to the hose connections instead of over them

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Easier To Service

Its convenient location allows for all maintenance to be completed above the frame rails, no more working from under the truck on your back


  • Clayton-PUC-Pumper.jpg

    PUC Pumper

  • PUC-Tanker.jpg

    PUC Tanker

  • Toronto-PUC-Aerial.jpg

    PUC Aerial

  • PUC-Rescue.jpg

    PUC Heavy Duty Rescue

Pump Panel

The 1500 gpm pump (rated from draft) weighs 30% less than most existing pumps on the market. Pierce enclosed the pump operator’s panel on the side mount to keep it clean of grime, grit and moisture. The next generation Control Zone™ pump panel is designed to fit the way you work with:

•    Large lever control handles that lock to prevent valve creep under pressure

•    Multi-functional pressure governor

•    Extra-large engine RPM display

•    Fuel level monitoring

•    Pump prognostics


Chassis Choices

Available on all custom chassis

Electrical Systems

Color coded every 3”/ harness loom-protected

Body Warranty

10 yr structural

Stainless Steel Piping Warranty

10 yr

Pump Warranty

6 yr

Pump and Roll


Compartment Load Rating

Up to 800 lb each

Body Material

Aluminum standard, 304L stainless steel optional

Pump Range

Up to 1500 gpm


Compartment Storage

You asked. We answered. With the PUC you can expand the mission of your fire department by carrying up to 6,000 lb of equipment.
Various equipment storage designs are available in the fender well. 

The space-saving rear folding work platform allows for easier access to the hosebed.

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Village of Manchester Fire Department - Aerial

Village of Manchester Fire Department - Aerial

Delivery Date: January 5, 2017
Job Number: 29835
Sales Organization: Churchville Fire Equipment Corp.

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