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Customized. Optimized. Maximized.


In your line of work, performance matters. Details matter. At Pierce, we understand that every second on the job counts and we tailor customization to match your requirements. The Pierce® pumper body has a variety of body lengths available to provide flexibility. Customers select the body that is right for them to meet the demanding needs of the truck on scene.

A pumper is one of the most important investments you, your department and your community will ever make. Let’s face it, 10 years from now, when other decisions are long forgotten, the pumper you choose needs to remain an important part of your firefighting arsenal.

The first question we ask is “what do you need?” A short body for tight turning in the city? A medium body to accommodate extra gear? A long body to haul a lot of water in the country? You specify. We deliver.


Body Features

Nobody offers more designs and flexibility than Pierce when it comes to designing your pumper. 

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Independent Pump Module

Isolated from the body to reduce stress and highly customizable with a wide variety of pumps and pump house sizes to choose from

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Ten-Ton Rated Tow Bars

Located on the back of the tailboard, it’s designed so you can tie off loads and stabilize them, without the worry of a rope chafing and busting

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Cargo Bed

Offers up to 1,000 lb of storage capabilities

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Lateral Frame Extensions For Support

The extensions are built off of the chassis frame rails, which is the strongest part of the truck, you can carry more with confidence

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Vinyl Or Aluminum Hosebed Cover

Provides protection from harsh weather and a walkway to the cargo bed

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Multiple hosebed options are available to meet your height and requirement needs

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Body Compartments

Formed sheet metal and welded body construction; select from various door styles, trays, shelves, brackets and tool boards to efficiently store and access firefighting equipment

Pump House

Control Zone™: 
Saves you valuable seconds with color coding, standardized knobs and controls grouped by job, where you expect them to be

Operator Positions:
Side control, top mount or rear mount

Pump House Configurations:
Virtually unlimited plumbing options and arrangements are available

Hose Storage Options:
Crosslays or speedlays

VLH® Caps: 
Caps are self-venting to help reduce firefighter injuries caused by inadvertent pressure release



Chassis Choices

Arrow XT™, Enforcer™, Impel®, Quantum®, Velocity®

Pump Range

Waterous, Hale or Darley Midship (500-2,000 gpm) PTO (250-1,250 gpm)

Tank Capacity

Up to 1,500 gallons / lifetime warranty

Usable Compartment Depth

12" upper, 26" lower

Compartment Weight Ratings

500 lb


Pierce lap doors & roll-ups available

Ladder Storage

Pierce hydraulic ladder rack, low-side or fully enclosed

Body Width


Body Material

Aluminum standard, galvanneal and 304L stainless option

Body Lengths

7 body lengths & numerous configurations

Structural Body Warranty

10 yr

Stainless Steel Piping Warranty

10 yr

Options Showcase

Boiling Springs - Pumper

Boiling Springs - Pumper

Delivery Date: February 1, 2018
Job Number: 31259
Sales Organization: Spartan Fire & Emergency Apparatus, Inc.

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