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Modular Build. Maximum Storage.


Pierce ENCORE® Rescues are built and constructed using modular body sections. Select the body that makes sense for your department and get the rescue that handles your equipment in the most efficient way possible. 

Length can vary from 11’ to 23’. Stainless steel or aluminum. Compartments come 26” or 40.5” deep. Command or crew modules. It all adds up to a huge array of options and possibilities.



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Body Construction

Formed sheet metal and welded body construction

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Systems Design

Comprehensive engineering design solutions for breathing air cascade, hydraulic tool and low pressure tool air systems

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Roof Storage Options

Optional roof boxes or additional equipment mounting available

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Compartment Storage

Select from various door styles, trays, shelves, brackets and tool boards to efficiently store and access firefighting equipment

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Modular Transverse Compartment Construction

All compartments are designed to be completely transverse from side-to-side

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Fire Suppression

Available with pumps ranging from 250 gpm-750 gpm and water tank sizes up to 300 gallons

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Exclusive Underslung Body Support System

Mounted to the chassis frame rails, the system supports all exterior compartments and evenly distributes weight to the frame

Design Storage Solutions

Pierce designs custom fabricated shelves and trays for ergonomic access to firefighting equipment. From the front to the back, every inch of the vehicle is accounted for; nothing goes to waste. Select from:

  • One-way or two-way slide-out utility trays
  • 30-degree slide-out tilt-down trays
  • Special storage bins and drawers
  • Air bag and ladder storage racks
  • Slide-out tool boards
  • And many other options

Chassis Choices

Available on all Pierce custom & commercial

Doors Options

74" roll-up doors

Body Material

Aluminum or stainless steel

Body Compartment Widths

42", 62"

Standard Body Lengths

11'-23'; single axle

Body Height


Options Showcase


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