Your department’s needs are different from your neighbors. While we have hundreds of standard options to choose from, this isn't a “one-size-fits-all” world. We have no pre-conceived notions on what your rescue should be; only what it could be.


A command center. A rescue transport. For moving your most important cargo: people. Meet our Pierce Walk-In Rescues.


Nobody knows the challenges you face better than you do. That's why we let you work with our engineers to make the tools fit just the way you need them to in your Pierce Non-Walk-In.


Combine the walk-in space with the non-walk-in body styles and we'll make it work. You decide how you want your Pierce Combination Rescue to function.


Pierce Command Rescues offer your highly specialized team an operations center to manage, organize, and monitor incidents for long periods of time.

PUC Rescue

Storage space is what you need in a rescue. So don't sacrifice it for a bulky pumphouse. Consider the Pierce PUC™ Rescue.


With 32 body configurations to choose from, you can select the body that makes sense for you, get a rescue that handles your equipment in the most efficient way, and enjoy the value of an ENCORE®.