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Command Zone™


Maximum Control. At Your Fingertips.

The New Command Zone™

The new Command Zone makes it easier for firefighters to maintain their vehicles, prepare for calls and monitor performance on the scene. It also delivers the industry’s first prognostic capabilities to keep departments on the cutting edge.

Think of it as interoperability for your entire apparatus. Electronic systems share vital information with the engine, transmission, pump, aerial device, seat belts, collision mitigation and more. Add in the remote diagnostics, and you can reduce service and troubleshooting time.

Unparalleled Interface Experience

• Available on tablet or Command Zone Information Center
• 7” color graphics display with industrial-grade touchscreen
• Sealed enclosure with anti-reflective coating
• Enhanced easy-to-read truck health screen
• Redundant controls of HVAC and lighting

Enhanced Data Logging, Diagnostic & Prognostic Capabilities

• Industry’s first prognostics
• Easy to understand terms
• Data logger records faults, warnings and cautions
• Eliminates need for special troubleshooting tools and software
• Reprogrammable via USB

Vertical Subsystem Integration

• Integrated monitors eliminate need for add-on electrical options
• VDR/Seat belt monitoring
• Programmable touch screen
• Optional GPS mapping, collision mitigation, tire pressure monitoring and outrigger placement (if equipped)

Wireless Data Transmission

• Ability to share data between 5 wireless devices on scene
• Auto activation of on-scene screen with pump engagement
• Monitor foam and water levels (if equipped)

Scene Management

• Optional features that monitor dispatch, hydrant locations, pressures, water points and responding apparatus in real time

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