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Electrical Systems

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The most reliable, configurable, usable electrical systems.

Electrical Conversation

It's time to change the conversation. Every modern firefighting apparatus contains elements of multiplexed and hardwired electrical systems. Only Pierce engineers systems that are purpose-built to serve the fire industry with features poised to seamlessly evolve with technology.

No clunky retrofits or complicated third-party software. No troubleshooting your troubleshooting. Utilizing proven military grade hardware and wire harnesses, Pierce® electrical systems give you technology built from the ground up for your department. If you have questions, you speak directly to the people who engineered your system, who just so happen to have lunch with the people who welded your frame rails.

One source. One intuitive, singular system. Available in feature packages that provide your desired level of interface, diagnostics, prognostics, maintenance, navigation, and more.

Package Availability

  Foundation CZ WiFi CZ Touchscreen Full Command Zone
Saber S O O  
Enforcer S O O O
Arrow XT S O* O* O
Impel S S O S
Velocity S S S S
Dash CF S S S S
Quantum S S S S
S = Standard       O = Optional       *Features only available with Full Command Zone package


Every Pierce custom chassis comes with: 

  • Electrical distribution centers located strategically throughout the vehicle. 
  • Serviceable electrical components readily accessible. 
  • Power/signal protection & control components protected against corrosion, heat, vibration, physical damage, & water spray. 
  • Distribution centers that contain battery power & ground studs for ease of customer supplied component installation. 
  • Wiring run in conduit or loom where exposed. Wire raceways built into cab structure. 
  • IP67 waterproof connectors specified throughout the chassis.

Component Specification: 

  • Circuit breakers that conform to SAE J1553, J258, J554, J1284, J1888, J2077 standards. 
  • Wire, relays, & solenoids sized to 125% of maximum current. 
  • Wire harnesses that conform to SAE, NFPA, NEC, UL, ASTM, & WHMA standards. 
  • Wire harnesses that include color, function, & number coding. Function & circuit number stamped at 2" intervals. 
  • Wire insulation is high temperature crosslink.



  • Voluntary third party (UL) auditing for electrical compliance to NFPA 1901. 
  • Third party EMI/RFI chamber testing to ensure emissions are suppressed at the component source. 
  • R&D cycle testing of new components.


For those interested in using a WiFi enabled device to interface with their apparatus. This package includes the features of the Foundation package plus provides the ability to:

  • Connect up to five WiFi enabled devices within 300 feet of the vehicle. 
  • Review active or historic faults with both text descriptions & SPN/FMI numbers. 
  • View real time data transmitted on the driveline J1939 data bus. 
  • Receive prognostics alerts for maintenance intervals. 
  • View seat belt status.


  • Tech module. 
  • Control module. 
  • Roof mounted WiFi antenna.


  • Uses the vehicle’s local WiFi network & embedded web page to display vehicle information (no app required). 
  • No subscription required.


  • Heat, defrost, & air conditioning control from WiFi enabled device (not available on Quantum).

Optional Integration:

  • Bendix SmarTire tire pressure monitoring system.

CZ Touchscreen

A higher level of on-board interaction, including all the features of the Foundation and CZ WiFi packages plus these touchscreen specific features:

  • Active or historic faults with text descriptions & real time J1939 data bus information available at your fingertips (gloved or not). 
  • Prognostics alerts for maintenance intervals. 
  • Auto Day/Night display modes plus black out mode for night driving. 
  • Administrator setup features accessed through a configurable password security level. 
  • Opportunity to integrate seat belt monitoring, tire pressure monitoring, pump gauges, navigation, & camera images in one touchscreen display.
  • Primary Screens: Transit Gauges, Scene Gauges, Notifications/Faults, Diagnostics, Prognostics, Timer/Clock/Date/Ambient Temperature, OneTouch Camera Selection.


  • 7" color resistive touchscreen.
  • Tech module.
  • Control module.
  • Roof mounted WiFi antenna.


  • Heat, defrost, & air conditioning control on touchscreen (not available on Quantum).

Touchscreen Setup Options:

  • User configurable gauges. 
  • Clock/Time zone. 
  • Backlight intensity. 
  • Camera (brightness, saturation, contrast). 
  • Black out mode. 
  • Password. 
  • Home screen. 
  • Units. 
  • Language. 
  • Notifications. 
  • Maintenance interval.

Optional Integration Packages:

  • Streetwise Navigation. 
  • Streetwise Scene Management. 
  • Bendix SmartTire tire pressure monitoring. 
  • Camera Systems. 
  • Ascendant Setup Determination. 
  • Wabco Collision Mitigation. 
  • Vehicle health reports delivered via e-mail.

Full Command Zone

The highest level of Command Zone interface, control, diagnostic, & prognostic capability. Includes all the features of the Foundation, CZ WiFi, and CZ Touchscreen packages plus:

  • Full complement of D-Series Command Zone solid state Input/Output modules (optional diagnostic LEDs integrated into each module).
  • Strategically located modules throughout apparatus reduces wire harness bulk. 
  • Command Zone debug diagnostics available on the touchscreen and WiFi enabled device. (Password protected ability to force inputs & outputs on to aid troubleshooting.)
  • Virtual switch panels allowing control from the touchscreen & WiFi enabled device.
  • Virtual switch panel configuration through administrator setup menu.
  • Dynamic or static Graphical Do Not Move Truck screen.


  • Tech module. 
  • Control module. 
  • Roof mounted WiFi antenna. 
  • D-Series power, input, output, and I/O modules. 
  • 7" color resistive touchscreen.


  • Virtual heat, defrost, & air conditioning (not available on Quantum). 
  • Virtual switch panels. 
  • Command Zone I/O debug mode.

Additional Touchscreen/WiFi Device Features:

  • Load manager status. 
  • Pump interlock status. 
  • Throttle interlock status. 
  • Individual input/output status. 
  • Virtual switch panels. 
  • Do Not Move Truck notifications.

Optional Integration Packages:

  • Streetwise Navigation. 
  • Streetwise Scene Management. 
  • Bendix SmartTire tire pressure monitoring. 
  • Camera Systems. 
  • Ascendant Setup Determination. 
  • Wabco Collision Mitigation. 
  • Vehicle Health Reports. 
  • Driver Trend Reports.

Optional Integration Features