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Occupant Protection


360° Protection From Every Angle℠.  

The New Command Zone™

Traffic deaths are the second leading cause of firefighter death, and 60% of all traffic deaths involve a roll. Most manufacturers offer safety "widgets" or "features." We believe safety should be more than that. At Pierce, safety is our entire approach to designing the apparatus. It is a system. It goes into every detail. Hence, the 360 degree approach. We look at every possible angle of risk and manufacture the apparatus to protect you. Everything works together to keep you safe. 


Side Roll Protection System

In the Side Roll Protection System, a roll sensor monitors the movement of your rig. The system will position the occupant in the best placement for maximum safety, padding & airbag effect. When it senses a roll, it automatically:

1.    Tightens your seatbelt 

2.    Lowers and locks the seat to its lowest position to eliminate movement

3.    Inflates tubular side airbags

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Frontal Air Bags

Pierce was the first to introduce frontal air bags to the industry. But we didn't stop there. Following our 360 degree approach, we engineered it to work with another system: the Pierce® Side Roll Protection system. This system senses the exact moment of a side-roll, and then provides instantaneous passenger protection, including seat belt pretensioners and side air curtains.


Tire Protection System

The Pierce Tire Pressure Management System and Tire Blowout Protection Band prepare you for the unexpected. The Tire Pressure Management System uses sensors to monitor tire pressure, temperature and display them in the cab unit. Proper tire inflation reduces maintenance downtime, fuel costs, tire and tread wear, tire blowouts, tread separation, tandem axle tire wear and heat-related tire problems.

Exclusive to Pierce in the fire industry, the Tire Blowout Protection Band features a safety band attached to a recessed drop inside the wheel. This prevents the tire from coming off the wheel during a blowout and assists the driver in maneuvering and slowing down in a safe manner.


Crash Testing

As part of our 360° Protection From Every Angle mission℠, every Pierce cab model is crash-tested at or above ECE requirements.

Testing is done at CAPE (Center for Advanced Product Evaluation), as part of IMMI, a world leader in safety consulting. CAPE offers an unparalleled vehicle barrier crash testing facility complete with a test laboratory, dynamic test sleds, static pull chamber, computer screen crash simulation capabilities and the world’s only 90° rollover impact test machine.


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