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Independent Front Suspension


A Better Ride For You. Your Crew. And Equipment. 


It stops sooner. Period. 
Shortens stopping distance by up to 23%

Maneuver through any kind of traffic
45° maximum cramp angle

Low vertical G-forces
Improves ride quality by 340% (as measured by accelerometer testing)

Improves handling and enhances vehicle control 
10 inches of suspension travel, a light spring rate, robust design and independent wheel movement

Increases load-carrying capacity
24,000 lbs max front axle weight rating with 445/65R22.5 tires, 22,800 lbs max with 425/65R22.5 tires

Simplifies maintenance
Larger brake pads and rotors wear less than the traditional 15-inch brakes




How Does It Work?

The TAK-4 IFS system is custom built for Pierce chassis to give you better road feel, control and smoother ride over any kind of surface. It accomplishes this through a mechanical-over-hydraulic steering system with two steering gears that provide power to the steering linkage. A torsion bar set-up, a much beefier version of what is found on many SUVs, also helps deliver superior control. Cast steel alloy and ductile iron upper and lower control arms allow the front wheels to take on potholes one at a time. And the lower spring rates made possible by the independent front suspension smooth out the road better than any straight axle rig. 

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