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Financial Services


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Equipment Finance 

We make the acquisition of your Pierce apparatus both affordable and easy.


All kinds of plans for all kinds of departments. 

The same logic behind our custom chassis applies to our financial services: Tailor the product to the department, not the other way around.

Through the Pierce Financial Solutions program, PNC Equipment Finance provides the industry’s most extensive line of lease plans for fleet replacement.

With industry-leading tax exempt rates, zero documentation fees, flexible payment plans and quick approvals that can bypass voter referendums, we make it easy to get behind the wheel of your new Pierce.




Lease Purchase Plan

With a lease purchase plan, you can purchase the apparatus gradually over time. This allows you to use available capital for operations or other needs. At the end of the lease, you can purchase the apparatus for just $1. Terms for this plan range from 2 to 15 years (10 years for apparatus with commercial chassis).

Pierce-Dollar-Sign-Financial-Services Choose a lease purchase if:
You prefer ownership of the apparatus and need to spread capital costs over time. 


Turn-In Lease Plan

The turn-in lease plan contains a “balloon payment” for the estimated resale value of the apparatus at the end of the lease. A department has two options at lease term:

  1. Purchase the apparatus by paying off or refinancing the "balloon payment."
  2. Return the apparatus to Pierce and and lease a new Pierce apparatus (Pierce pays off the “balloon payment”).

Terms for this plan range from 2 to 10 years. This lease contains mileage and apparatus condition provisions, with 10,000 and 15,000 annual mileage options available.

Pierce-Dollar-Sign-Financial-Services Choose a turn-in lease if:
You want to pay for the use of the apparatus over the lease term and need a flexible, cost-effective fleet management program.


All departments qualify

Highly competitive tax-exempt interest rates

100% financing with no documentation fees

Flexible payment plans

One year deferred payment plans

Prepay program that lowers payments while eliminating interest rate risk

Dedicated Account Executive to assist you through the entire financing process

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