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More might for the fight.

Make it easy. Give it strength. Firefighters asked for unmatched advancements throughout the cab and under the hood - from the powerful engine options, to the quick and easy maintenance, to the industry's first frontal airbags.





Detroit Diesel DD13, Cummins ISX 15, ISX 12 or ISL 9

Engine Horsepower

370 - 600 hp


Allison 3000 EVS, 4000 EVS, or 4500 EVS


270 - 430 amp

Front GAWR (maximum)

24,000 lb

Front Axle Suspension

Leaf or TAK-4® Independent Front Suspension

Cramp Angle (maximum)


Rear GAWR (maximum)

60,000 lb

Rear Axle Suspension

Leaf, Rubber, Air, TAK-4®, or TAK-4® T3; Single or Tandem

Frame Rail


Cab Width


Cab Length

60", 70" or 84"

Cab Roof Style

Flat or Raised (10" or 20")

Seating Capacity



Barrier or Full Height

Side Roll Protection


Frontal Air Bags


Electrical System

Command Zone™



Improved visibility and easier maintenance.
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Panoramic Windshield

The large, single-piece, bonded windshield and daylight windows increase visibility. The three-blade wiper system provides better coverage of the panoramic windshield surface.

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Fast Access Service Tilt Hood

One-piece, full width, lift-up hood allows for easy maintenance and fast access to the windshield washer fluid, coolant overflow, power steering, windshield wiper motor and cab lift controls.

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Pierce’s Exclusive One-Eleven Mirrors

Mirrors are positioned to minimize both the body and head movements of the driver and increase visibility around the vehicle.

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Forward Roof Design

The forward roof design offers a cathedral feel ceiling with increased frontal visibility and more configurable space.

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Lift & Tow Front Bumper

Lift and tow mounts are placed at a standard location for tow truck lift systems.

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Wide Cab Doors

Wide cab doors make entry safer and exit quicker and more efficient for firefighters.

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Generously Sized Door Handles

Large exterior door handles are generously sized to fit the firefighter’s gloved hands.

Options Showcase

Evandale Fire Department - Pumper

Evandale Fire Department - Pumper

Delivery Date: February 2, 2017
Job Number: 30130
Sales Organization: Finley Fire Equipment Co. Inc.

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