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Bold Response. In A Proven Package.

This product is only available outside of the U.S. due to fuel emission standards


The Oshkosh® XP optimizes firefighter safety, response and ease of operation by building legendary engineering on a commercial chassis. 

The XP delivers 4,000 LPM pump capacity with integrated foam, advanced ergonomics, all-LED lighting and a full complement of rescue tools. Plus, it’s all supported by the industry’s leading sales and service network.


Body Features

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Full LED Lighting Package

Exterior, clearance and perimeter LED lighting

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Aluminum Body Construction

With spatter painted interior finish for increased durability

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Full-Height Compartments

Located on the driver and passenger sides for increased storage

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Roll-Up Doors

Anodized satin finish aluminum locking doors

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Roof Access

With a collapsible ladder for safe egress

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Pull-Out Steps

For greater compartment accessibility


Rear Mount Pumper

•    Godiva Prima P2 4010 4,000 LPM twin pressure pump (at 10 bar, 3 m lift) in a compact fully integrated package

•    Godiva RTP integrated foam system with 300 L foam tank

•    Four 63.5 mm rear discharge outlets

•    One 140 mm large rear suction hose inlet

•    High pressure hose reel with 60 m x 25 mm hose in rear


Chassis Choices

Available on a commercial chassis

Pump Range

3000 LPM or 4000 LPM rear-mounted pump with integrated foam system available

Water Tank Capacity

2000, 3000 or 4000 L polypropylene water tank

Usable Compartment Depth

335 mm upper, 660 mm lower

Compartment Weight Ratings

227 kg


Anodized satin finish aluminum locking roll-up doors

Ladder Storage

Rear access, ground level interior ladder storage for 7.3 m two section, 4.3 m roof and 3 m folding ladders

Body Length

4638 mm

Body Material

Aluminum body with durable spatter painted interior finish


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