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Bill Fischer

Bill Fischer

Manufacturing Engineer/IPP

47 Years of Service

Bill's Story

Bill’s legacy at Pierce is proof that you can build a heck of a lot of something starting from the ground up. It didn't matter that he was young and lacked experience when he started his career with the company. It was beside the point that his first day in the paint facility at the city plant wasn't exactly his moment of glory. This 20-something version of Bill had heart, and that’s what it took to be a member of the Pierce family.

From his humble days stripping parts off chassis to prep for paint, Bill advanced to checkout, welder body assembling, team leading, supervising, engineering and finally manufacturing engineering, where he is today. All in all, it adds up to 47 years of service – almost half as long as Pierce’s existence.

As Pierce’s longest tenured employee, Bill’s experienced a lot in his day. He spent the occasional winter’s day chopping holes in the frozen river to test-pump trucks for hours on end. He witnessed Doug Ogilvie’s magic at work – how he’d take customers out for flapjacks, and bring every single need they had back to Pierce to learn and build from.

He saw the company grow from 40 people and 3 production lines into the #1 fire apparatus manufacturer it is today. Which is why a Pierce rolling down the street still stops him dead in his tracks. Despite his advancements, rich heritage and long-standing commitment to all things Pierce, Bill won’t take an ounce of credit for the company’s longevity. Instead, he praises the Pierce family, the strong leadership and the greatest inspiration of all: serving and protecting those who serve and protect us all.


Ask Bill what it's like to be the longest tenured employee at Pierce, and he'll be at a loss for words. Ask what's kept him around, and his eyes shine: "What we're doing here is saving people's lives."

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