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Jim “Ziggy” Ziesemer


32 years of service (1978-2010)

Ziggy's Story

“Pierce gives you a better outlook in life, to do a good job no matter what you do.”

Retirement was the only thing that could ever come between Jim and his career at Pierce. He looks back upon his three-decades-plus experience with a sense of pride and joy that a father would give his own son. And he still finds excuses to drive past the company today, often with his fire truck-loving grandson along for the ride.

Back when Jim was working in checkout, all apparatus were bay built. Once, a customer was so pleased with his handiwork that he submitted a letter of recommendation. From that day forward, Jim and his team were referred to as “The Bay of Champions.”

Jim lived to serve the firefighter, and approached each apparatus with perspective on the lives it could one day save (including his own). Blood, sweat and tears went into every vehicle in the name of customer confidence, which is why he gets a thrill to this day whenever he sees a Pierce in action.

It’s more than an apparatus speeding down the street. It’s 100 years of history protecting the future.


"Pierce gives you a better outlook in life, to do a good job no matter what you do." 

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