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June 2015


Waco Fire Department - Waco, TX

Dash® CF PUC™ Rescue Pumper


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Dash® CF


Rescue Pumper


Cummins ISL9

Engine Horsepower

450 hp

Trailer Suspension

TAK-4® Independent Front Suspension




Pump GPM

1500 gpm

Tank Size

750 gallons

Waco Fire Department

A true customer service organization, the Waco Fire Departmentresponds to well over 9,000 calls and incidents per year. Calls include structure fires, vehicle fires, grass/brush fires, auto extrication, water rescues, medical emergencies, hazardous material situations and other emergencies.

Additionally, the department responds to non-emergency calls which include animal rescues, lockouts, water evacuation and many other service calls when the citizen cannot find help from other resources.
  • Population: 126,000
  • Coverage: 100 sq mi
  • Firefighters: 200
  • Stations: 14
  • Area: Urban, Tight roads, Interstate

From The Chief

Fire Chief John Johnston 

“Fewer blind spots on the outside. More room on the inside. Because of the shorter wheelbase of our PUC rescue pumper, we can breeze through our tight, winding streets with ease while providing an expanse of space for both driver and officer. We know we’ve got the flexibility to respond to a number of situations – from major interstate accidents to college campus emergencies.”

The Dealer

Siddons-Martin Emergency Group

Keith Gould is the sales representative at Siddons-Martin Emergency Group that worked with the Waco FD on their new Dash® CF PUC™ Rescue Pumper. Siddons-Martin is a full-line sales and service distributor of fire and equipment for most counties in Louisiana and Texas. 

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