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December 2016


Colorado Springs Fire Department – Colorado Springs, CO

Velocity® Walk-In Heavy Duty Rescue


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Walk-In Heavy Duty Rescue


Cummins ISX15

Horse Power

550 hp




35 kW


Colorado Springs Fire Department

The Colorado Springs Fire Department has staffed emergency response resources deployed strategically throughout the city in order to reach the site of an incident within eight minutes from the time of the call 90% of the time. They are dedicated to protecting the citizens of Colorado Springs from any emergency situation that may arise. 

Population: 460,000
Coverage: 195 sq mi
Firefighters: 430
Stations: 21
Terrain: Urban hills, rural roadways


From The Chief

Fire Chief Christopher P. Riley

"This rig is the flagship of our fleet. It's also the only rescue for the city. It runs on every structure fire, not just in the first due, and also takes care of all the technical rescues throughout the county. We shot for the moon when bidding our Heavy Duty Rescue, and Pierce is the only one that could build exactly what we wanted."

The Dealer

Frontrange Fire Apparatus

Don Chapman is the sales representative from Front Range Fire Apparatus that worked with Colorado Springs on their Walk-In Heavy Duty Rescue. Front Range is a full line sales and service distributor of fire apparatus and equipment for Colorado and Wyoming.

Exclusive Pierce Features