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February 2017


Pierce® Ascendant™ 107' Heavy-Duty Ladder PUC™

Enforcer™ Ascendant™


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107' Ascendant™ Heavy Duty Ladder


Cummins ISL9

Horse Power

450 hp


Pierce PUC™

Pump GPM

1500 gpm

Water Tank

500 gallons


Vertical Height

107 feet

Horizonal Reach

100 feet

Tip Load

750 lbs

Pierce Ascendant Heavy Duty Ladder


Go where no aerial apparatus has gone before. And do so with the heavy duty capabilities and dependability you deserve without compromising water capacity, performance or safety. 107 feet, 500 gallons, 750 lb tip load, on a single rear axle; is available on the Enforcer™, Arrow XT™, Impel® and Velocity® custom chassis on the Quint, Texas Chute Out/Side Stacked Hosebed, PUC® pump and No Pump/No Tank body configurations.

From The Chief


Eric Linsmeier, Senior Chief Engineer Product Development, Pierce Manufacturing

"When firefighters don't have to think about operations, they can focus entirely on performance. Everything about this configuration is engineered to go easier on them. Two-step technology with PUC. Unmatched ride quality with TAK-4. Unprecedented reach on a single axle with Ascendant."

The Dealer

Siddons-Martin Emergency Group

Pat Siddons is the sales representative from Siddons-Martin Emergency Group that directly worked with Pierce Manufacturing on this Enforcer Ascendant Heavy Duty Ladder. Siddons-Martin is a full line sales and service distributor of fire apparatus and equipment for Louisiana, Texas and New Mexico.

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