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February 2023

Broward County Sheriff's Office Combination Heavy-Duty Rescue Parked in Florida Port on a partly cloudy day

Broward Sheriff's Office - Fort Lauderdale, FL

 Enforcer™ Combination Heavy-Duty Rescue




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Fire Department

Broward Sheriff's Office

Together with the sheriff's office, the department serves nearly 2 million people. Founded in 1978, it is the largest sheriff's department in the state of Florida.

Population: 1,966,120
Coverage: 1,205 sq mi
Firefighters: 835
Stations: 25
Terrain: Urban, Everglades

Custom Gold Leaf Fire Truck Graphics on Drivers Side Door of Broward Fire Rescue Florida


From The Chief

Interim Fire Chief of Broward Sheriff's Office Florida

Interim Fire Chief Timothy Keefe

"This unit is replacing an aging apparatus with higher repair costs and longer down times. Throughout the design process, Pierce gave us personalized attention and understood our department priorities, like configuring around a clean cab to protect our firefighters from carcinogens.”

The Dealer

Florida Fire Truck Sales Representative

Ten-8 Fire & Safety  

Michael Schneider is the sales representative from Siddons-Martin Emergency Group that worked directly with Broward Sheriff's Office on their Enforcer Combination Heavy-Duty Rescue. Ten-8 is a full line sales and service distributor of fire apparatus and equipment for Georgia and Florida.