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75' Heavy-Duty Aluminum Aerial Ladder


High performance on a single rear axle with a short wheelbase.



Pierce 75' Heavy-Duty Aluminum Aerial Ladder Fire Truck Extended

The Pierce 75' heavy-duty aluminum aerial ladder is designed with high-strength aluminum extrusions resulting in an extremely durable ladder. Get an impressive 750 lb dry tip load rating capable of flowing up to 1,500 gpm. You can add up to 100 lb of additional firefighting equipment at the tip without reducing the rated load capacity. Besides its impressive tip load rating, the 75' heavy-duty aluminum aerial ladder has a 2.5:1 structural safety factor, a 35 mph wind load rating and can operate with up to .25" of ice buildup.

The ladder features a removable egress, making it easy to repair if it is ever damaged without having to replace the entire fly section. The single set of H-style stabilizers allows for quicker and easier setup. Using a third-party, every Pierce aerial is certified to the stringent UL Type I requirements.



Custom ChassisEnforcer™, Impel®, Velocity® Rear AxleSingle
Stabilizer Spread16' Stabilizers1 set of H-style
Structural Ladder Warranty 20-yr


Flow Capacity1,500 gpm Hosebed Capacity1,000' of 5" hose
Ladder ComplementMinimum of 115' Ladder Reach75' Vertical / 67'9" Horizontal
Operating Range-8° to 76° Payload CapacityUp to 750 lb dry / 500 lb wet
Pump RangeWaterous, Hale, Darley Midship, PTO TankUp to 500 gallons
Wind or Ice RatingsUp to 35 mph winds and 1/4" of ice

Proprietary Options

Husky™ 12
Husky™ 3
Pump PUC™
Suspension TAK-4® Independent Front Suspension

New Deliveries

Polk County Fire Rescue - Aerial

Polk County Fire Rescue - Aerial

Delivery Date: June 21, 2024
Job Number: 39418
Sales Organization: Ten-8 Fire & Safety

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