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100' Heavy-Duty Steel Aerial Platform

Pierce 100ft Heavy-Duty Platform Header-1

A command center. A staging area. An emergency room. Engineered to multitask.



Pierce 100ft Heavy-Duty Platform Overview

Whether you’re dealing with a crowd of firefighters, loads of equipment, or even immobilized victims, things can get pretty tight. Fortunately, Pierce baskets are the roomiest in the industry. Every square inch has been designed to improve your safety and help you perform at your peak.

At either 22 square feet or 18 square feet, the Pierce 100' heavy-duty steel aerial platform basket can carry a rated load capacity of 1,000 lb plus accessories. Every foot is working space. And Pierce Lyfeline™ exclusive accessories – including ladders, hoists, stokes baskets, and rappelling arms – are mounted on the front side of the basket, thus freeing space inside. Swing-in doors eliminate the need for a gate, so firefighters can quickly and easily step onto the large, 17" wide self-draining deck. The Pierce basket leveling system allows for smooth, precise leveling throughout the full range of aerial operation.



Basket18 or 22 sq ft Custom ChassisEnforcer™, Velocity®
Rear AxleTandem Stabilizer Spread18'
Stabilizers2 sets of H-style Structural Ladder Warranty 20-yr


Flow CapacityUp to 3,000 gpm Hosebed Capacity1,000' of 5" hose
Ladder ComplementMinimum of 115' Ladder Reach100' Vertical / 93' Horizontal
Operating Range-5° to 75° Payload CapacityUp to 1,000 lb dry / 500 lb wet
Pump RangeWaterous, Hale, Darley Midship, PTO TankUp to 500 gallons
Wind or Ice RatingsUp to 50 mph winds and 1/4" of ice

Proprietary Options

Electrical Command Zone™
Husky™ Industrial
Husky™ 12
Husky™ 3
Pump PUC™
Suspension TAK-4® Independent Front Suspension
TAK-4® Independent Rear Suspension

New Deliveries

Elizabeth Avenue Fire Company - Aerial

Elizabeth Avenue Fire Company - Aerial

Delivery Date: April 5, 2024
Job Number: 38020
Sales Organization: Fire & Safety Services, Ltd.

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