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Arrow XT™

Arrow XT Custom Fire Truck Chassis

The urban firefighter's best friend.


City life isn't easy. Good thing the Arrow XT chassis is engineered with a utilitarian approach that will meet the needs of both the big city and the rural fire departments. 

Designed and built with an emphasis on heavy-duty, the Arrow XT meets the demands of any high volume department with its rugged and dependable chassis and an all-business cab interior. 

Pierce Arrow XT Custom Fire Truck Chassis Drivers Side Interior

Battle tested, firefighter approved

  • Clean, functional & rugged metal interior tough enough to withstand heavy use. 
  • Big power, at 94.75" wide the Arrow XT cab is the narrowest in the industry, providing up to 600 hp engines for maximum performance in a narrow, maneuverable fire truck. 
  • Heavy-duty construction throughout - rugged metal interior, thick-walled castings & purpose built structural extrusions for added strength & long term durability. 
  • Hard-wired electrical system or Command Zone™ electronics for advanced reliability, simplified subsystem integration & easier troubleshooting/maintenance. 


  • "Extreme Tilt" cab that allows easy inspection & maintenance of the drive train. 
  • Power distribution location provides access while standing with boots on the ground for convenient service & reduced maintenance time. 
  • Built-in wire raceways throughout the cab reduce the chance of wire chafing & make it easier to service or add cab harnesses & wiring. 


  • 15 degree angle of approach & departure to handle obstacles with confidence. 
  • 45-degree cramp angle for tight maneuvering. 
  • Massive 13.38" 120 ksi steel frame rails for superior handling & reduced frame deflection. 



Cab DimensionsLength 57", 67" or 81" / Width 94-3/4" Cab Roof StyleFlat or raised (10", 16" or 20")
DoorsBarrier or full height Electrical SystemHard Wired or Command Zone™
Frame Rail13-3/8" Front Axle SuspensionLeaf or TAK-4®
Frontal Air BagsDefault Rear Axle SuspensionLeaf, rubber, air, TAK-4® or TAK-4 T3™; single or tandem
Seating Capacity8 Side Roll ProtectionDefault


Alternator270 - 430 amp Cramp Angle (maximum)45°
EngineCummins X15, X12, L9 or PACCAR MX-13 Engine Horsepower370 - 605 hp
Front GAWR (maximum)24,000 lb Rear GAWR (maximum)60,000 lb
TransmissionAllison 3000 EVS, 4000 EVS or 4500 EVS

Proprietary Options

Aerial Snozzle®
Electrical Command Zone™
Pump PUC™
Suspension TAK-4® Independent Front Suspension
TAK-4® Independent Rear Suspension

Exterior air conditioning

A single condenser in the center of the front cab roof and an evaporator located above the engine tunnel on the cab ceiling allow for a lower overall height. 

Rugged & durable heavy-duty construction

Heavy-duty construction throughout - rugged metal interior, thick wall castings and purpose-built structural extrusions for added strength and long term durability. 

Impressive ground clearance

15" of ground clearance to the bottom of the radiator will get you up it, over it and to the scene. 

45-degree full-tilt cab

"Extreme tilt" cab that allows east inspection and maintenance of the drive train. 

New Deliveries

Prince William County Virginia - Aerial

Prince William County Virginia - Aerial

Delivery Date: January 24, 2023
Job Number: 37071
Sales Organization: Atlantic Emergency Solutions, Inc.

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