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Quantum Custom Fire Truck Chassis

Big on size. Even bigger on performance.



The Pierce Quantum is the truck of choice for departments that demand the absolute best and nothing less. You'll get the exact truck to meet your needs, loaded with the options that are vital to your success. 

The bold style of the Quantum provides a low engine tunnel, creating a large open cab with greater visibility. Automatic stair steps provide a safer forward entry and exit from the cab. The Quantum performs like the world's most technically advanced fire apparatus. Because it is. 

Quantum 360° Interior Tour

Pierce Quantum Custom Fire Truck Chassis Cab Interior

Visibility & Space

  • A large, wrap-around, 4,100 square inch windshield for unmatched visibility.
  • Upper windows above doors for better visibility & brighter interior light. 
  • One of the largest cabs in the industry providing abundant interior space & improved comfort with a flat floor, low engine tunnel, more head clearance & room for up to 10 firefighters. 


  • The ergonomically designed wrap-around dash puts you in complete command of any situation & keeps the controls at the fingertips of an operator. 
  • Air-actuated steps fold out automatically to provide a large, low first step from the ground that makes cab entry or exit easier. 


  • In-cab maintenance access for chassis fluids & power distribution makes servicing easier. 
  • The cab tilts to 42-degrees, providing convenient engine & power train access. 


  • High angle of approach to handle obstacles with confidence. 
  • Massive 13.38" 120 psi steel frame rails for superior handling & reduced frame deflection. 
  • 45-degree cramp angle for maximum maneuverability in those tight areas & challenging situations. 



Cab DimensionsLength 67" or 74" / Width 96" Cab Roof StyleFlat or raised (12" or 22")
DoorsBarrier Electrical SystemCommand Zone™
Frame Rail13-3/8" Front Axle SuspensionLeaf or TAK-4®
Frontal Air BagsDefault Rear Axle SuspensionLeaf, rubber or air; single or tandem
Seating Capacity10 Side Roll ProtectionDefault


Alternator270 - 430 amp Cramp Angle (maximum)45°
EngineCummins X12 or L9 Engine Horsepower450 - 525 hp
Front GAWR (maximum)24,000 lb Rear GAWR (maximum)60,000 lb
TransmissionAllison 3000 EVS, 4000 EVS or 4500 EVS

Proprietary Options

Aerial Snozzle®
Electrical Command Zone™
Pump PUC™
Suspension TAK-4® Independent Front Suspension
TAK-4® Independent Rear Suspension

Air-actuated steps

Air-actuated steps fold out automatically to provide a large, low first step from the ground that makes cab entry or exit easier.

Vertical wiper blades

Pantograph wiper blades clear a maximum amount of glass area. 

Upper windows above doors

Windows provide better visibility and brighter interior light. 

4,100 square inch windshield

A large, wrap-around windshield offers a 180-degree view; tinted safety glass cuts the solar load and heat. 

New Deliveries

Fairfield Fire Department - Pumper

Fairfield Fire Department - Pumper

Delivery Date: January 5, 2023
Job Number: 37089
Sales Organization: Golden State Fire Apparatus, Inc.

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