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Joe Sell

Joe Sell

Plant Manager

7 Years of Service

Joe's Story

Ever since Joe interned at Pierce, he couldn’t get the company – or the people – out of his head. It’s the first job he applied for out of college, and it’s the only job that’s kept him awake at night, grinning. The guy didn’t sleep a wink before his first official day, as he kept thinking about the folks who would be welcoming him back. Pierce was home.

Seven years have since passed, but Joe has the same drive. He lights up when you ask him about his favorite memory (helping launch e-pickup to improve communication during vehicle inspection). And he still can’t believe he helped move an entire build production of ARFF vehicles over 30 miles, from Oshkosh to Pierce, in one month.

Memories, he feels, are what keep the Pierce family strong. Firefighters, he knows, are what keep the company #1.

“When firefighters are going to a call in a Pierce apparatus, I truly believe they have confidence in what they are driving in. Built tough, built with quality and innovation, it’s going to take care of them. And they are going to leave that fire and be safe.”


Ever since Joe interned at Pierce, he couldn't get the company -- or the people -- out of his head.

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