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Electric Fire Truck for the City of Madison Wisconsin

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Live Press Conference June 8, 2021 1:30PM CST

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Enforcer™ Volterra™ Pumper FAQs
Explain the technology on this truck. Is this an electric truck, a hybrid…what is it?

This is the first zero-emissions electric fire truck in service in North America.

The technology consists of a patented parallel-electric drive train featuring an electro-mechanical infinitely variable transmission which allows zero-emissions operation when powered by the integrated onboard batteries, and can be coupled to the internal combustion engine to provide continuous and uninterrupted power to the pumping system or drive system.

The technology on this fire truck allows the City of Madison Fire Department to meet the City’s Climate Forward agenda to reduce local carbon emissions.

What size battery pack is this fire apparatus equipped with?

The vehicle is equipped with a 155 kW hour battery pack to meet the City of Madison’s daily duty cycle. The battery system allows for flexibility in sizing so Pierce can customize the solution to meet various departments' needs.

What are the specifications of this fire apparatus?
  • Enforcer™ custom chassis
  • Expanded occupant space and visibility
  • Seating capacity: 6
  • GVWR: 42,000 lb
  • TAK-4® Independent Front Suspension
  • 1500 gpm single stage pump
  • 500 gallon water tank
  • Compartmentation: 150 cu ft plus ladder storage
  • Hose capacity: 1000’ of 5” / 850’ of 2.5”
How far can the vehicle travel on electric power?

The operational range has been tailored to the City of Madison’s needs and duty cycle for a full-shift operation.

What is the electrical output of the vehicle?

This vehicle is configured with 700 VDC at 400 AMPS for 280 kW of battery output. This equates to roughly 375 hp to the ground. This is very comparative to a conventional drivetrain with a L9 engine.

The system is capable of up to 400 kW of battery output if the battery pack were to increase in size. 400 kW of battery output equates to roughly 530 hp to the ground.


Jim Johnson

Executive Vice President of Oshkosh Corporation and President, Fire and Emergency
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Dave Archer

Vice President – Engineering, Pierce Manufacturing
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Eric Linsmeier

Business Unit Director – Electrical & Software Technology, Pierce Manufacturing
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Chief Steven A. Davis 

Fire Chief – City of Madison Fire Department

Jeff Keebler Chairman, President and CEO MG&E

Jeff Keebler

Chairman, President and CEO – Madison Gas and Electric

Satya Rhodes-Conway Mayor of Madison, Wisconsin

Satya Rhodes-Conway 

Mayor – City of Madison


Mahanth Joishy

Superintendent – City of Madison Fleet Services

Pierce® Volterra™ Platform of Electric Vehicles