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September 2023

Pierce Ascendant 107' Heavy-Duty Aerial Ladder Fire Truck

Prince George's County Fire / EMS Department - Largo, MD

Enforcer™ Ascendant® 107' Heavy-Duty Aerial Ladder – Tandem Rear Axle



Fire Department

Prince George's County Fire / EMS Department

Prince George's County Fire / EMS is one of the largest combination departments in the country.

Population: 967,201
Coverage: 499 sq mi
Firefighters: 1900
Stations: 45
Terrain: Urban, Suburban, Rural

Fire Department Custom Graphic Logo on Aerial Ladder


From The Chief

Prince Georges County Fire EMS Chief

Chief Tiffany Green 

"Pierce regularly demonstrates their commitment to our department, our firefighters and paramedics, and to the residents of our county. This dedication and commitment, shown through their craft, truly embodies the motto of Prince George's County Fire / EMS Department: 'One County, One Department, One Mission...The Mission is to Serve'."

The Dealer

Fire Truck Sales Representative

Atlantic Emergency Solutions

Randy Schwartz is the sales representative from Atlantic Emergency Solutions that worked directly with Prince George's County Fire /EMS Department on their Enforcer Ascendant 107' Heavy-Duty Aerial Ladder. Atlantic is a full line sales and service distributor of fire apparatus and equipment for Ohio, Delaware, Maryland, the District of Columbia, North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.