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Stronger. More Stable. More Effective.


The Pierce aerial ladder can be counted on in the riskiest of situations, like flowing water in resilient winds, on uneven terrain and in the middle of dense ice storms. Pierce ladders are built tough. You won’t be let down, no matter what circumstance you find yourself in.

Our egress is easy to replace. If it’s ever damaged on a call, you simply replace it with a new one, rather than replacing the entire fly section. Climb with confidence. We’ve routed all wires inside the sealed base rails. No matter where the ladder is positioned, you have easy access onto & off the turntable.



The Ascendant 107 foot aerial ladder is engineered to equip firefighters with a true performance upgrade. The latest Pierce aerial innovation is now available on three additional body offerings that provide firefighters even more options to take full advantage of the aerials game changing benefits.

For customers that desire a side stacked hosebed, the 107’ Texas Chute Out body accommodates 1,000’ of 5” hose, 600’ of 3” hose, increased compartment depth, air bottle storage & 115’ of ground ladder storage in the rear.

The Ascendant 107’ ladder is available with the exclusive Pierce PUC pump for customers that desire increased compartment space, maneuverability and serviceability.

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